XRP Google Searches Reach Yearly High in the US: Google Trends

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Last week was crucial for the American XRP community. Interest in the XRP token has skyrocketed and revisited yearly highs.

XRP searches are trending in the United States

U.S. users of the Google search engine were particularly curious about the XRP token during the last days of July 2020. The “Interest Over Time” indicator that demonstrates the relative quantity of searches for the given word or phrase has skyrocketed for the “XRP” ticker.

Google searches for XRP skyrocketed in the U.S.

Image by Google Trends

For the past 12 months it has reached 100 points, which signifies the absolute maximum. Prior to crypto’s Black Thursday of March 2020, this indicator had been as high as 97. Now, the “Interest Over Time” ratio for XRP has surpassed the numbers of June 2019, revisiting the 14-month high.

It is interesting that similar processes have been witnessed in some other major nation-states when a large percentage of the population is interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. For instance, in India, this indicator has surpassed February highs by almost 40 percent.

In Russia, this indicator surged sixfold in June and July of 2020 and also revisited yearly highs. However, for the whole world, it has not surpassed February highs, demonstrating 97 points out of 100.

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