Why you should get a Credit Card

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Chris Emman, PhD

Aug 7 . 2 min read

When you use a credit card you are essentially borrowing money from the credit card company. Most Entrepreneurs started borrowing money from credit cards to start their own business to make that first initial investment, to get that business going or to get that investment going.

As long as you are paying your credit card loan every month. A lot of people are scared to get a credit card due to being scared of going into a credit card debt or the lack of being financially literate. However, if you manage your cash flow properly, bank won’t give you interest or finance charges to your credit card account, thus, you are most likely to borrow money for free.

One of the main reasons why you should get a credit card is that you can boost up your credit card score which you can use then if you plan to invest in a real estate or rental property. Banks most likely to give you low-interest rate and high loan if you have a high credit score, but that’s not all, you can use those score/points to travel or what they called travel points, grocery points, and many benefits that you can get when you have a good credit score.

Rewards points such as cashback, travel rewards points, and other rewards points. Banks usually give these to motivate people who apply for their credit card and are financially responsible for using it. You can take advantage of these points to travel or when shopping you can save up some money.

When you apply for a credit card you are better protected from frauds and most likely you’ll get insurance protection. So, if someone tries to steal your credit card and know your PIN number, you can just contact the credit card company and show some evidence that you are not the one using your credit card and they’ll just investigate and give you your money back.


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