Weekend Read — Crypto Twitter’s Crazy Tweets on ‘I have a Joke’

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Aug 8 . 5 min read

Someone said it right, ‘Joy is all around, You just need a joyful sight to see it’

People with more holes than a Swiss Cake, yet need a break to chill out. Moreover, humor has done this job for ages. In the complicated and risk-filled space of crypto, there is some scope of humor to melt down the traction.

When it comes to crypto, the first thing that comes to mind is the largest coin BITCOIN. In fact, cryptocurrency is a widely discussed topic, especially this year due to the Corona crises and Twitter hack incident — interestingly, a tweet concept ‘I have a Joke’ entertained people all over the world. And Crypto Twitter is no exception.

Let’s laugh at some of the crypto Jokes and tweets that the crypto community cracked on several aspects, features, and misconceptions about Bitcoin, Wallets, Altcoins, and cryptocurrency in general.

Lead Magician and CEO at Box quoted bitcoin in the funniest way that Bitcoin cannot be used everywhere. He intended to say that Bitcoin payment is not supported everywhere, but conversely, a point to be noted is the growing bitcoin adoption around the world is reaching the skies.

Bitcoin’s slow processing time was also dragged in as a ‘Joke’. A user humorously pointed to bitcoin’s speed as, “I Have a Bitcoin joke, but it will take 10 min before you get it.” Well, it is a known fact that Bitcoin takes a little time for a successful transaction, ideally 10 minutes.

Ethereum is around the top headlines as Ethereum 2.0 is yet to be released and Phase 2.0 is expected to be launched in 2020. As it is an awaited and delayed project for quite a long, one of the high profile influencers, Peter McCorma cracked a joke on it wrote, said that the joke on Ethererum will be ready in 2021′.

Coinbase, one of the leading exchanges was also pulled in the ‘Twitter Jokes’. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is monitoring the crypto activities and expecting crypto holders to report their holding. Coinbase crypto exchange does report crypto activities of customers to the IRS if they meet certain criteria — that being said, Director of News at the Block, Frank Chaparro wrote ” I have’ I have a Coinbase joke but they sold it to the IRS already’

While LINK token with its surging price movement has excited the crypto community, it does also capture the attention of critics. As we all know the cold war between Zeus Capital and Chainlink wherein the former is trying to FUD with the latter by sending Direct messages and emails to influencers to get skeptical about Chainlink. Therefore, Jake Chervinsky, a lawyer wrote, “I Have a LINK joke, Zeus Capital mailed it to me twenty times this week”

The entire world knows about the recent massive Twitter hack attack, resulting in the hackers accessing Twitter accounts of famous personalities to send apparent Bitcoin scam text. As hackers spread fake bitcoin deals such as “If you send $1,000, I will send back $2,000.” from the high-profile Twitter accounts, a user cracked a joke on it.

Did you know how Twitter Bitcoin Hack mastermind got caught

The emerging market for cryptos India too had jokes on the slow legal actions and the immense speculated environment in the country. The Crypto Dost, a platform that educates the crypto community in the local language in India said, the joke is not approved by RBI.

Can’t stop laughing? We’ve got few more hilarious jokes on cryptocurrencies, some more are listed below;

  • I have a joke about Bitcoin, but I’m hodling it.
  • I have a funded startup joke. It pays $5 for everyone who says “HaHa”
  • I have a joke about banks, but I need to see two forms of ID before I tell it to you.
  • I have a joke about the DAO, but…oh wait, sorry, I *had* a joke about the DAO, but Vitalik forked it away. You can still find it on Ethereum Classic, though.
  • I have a joke about ICOs, but you’re going to have to pay me a bunch of money first for some joke coupons which can be used to hear the joke. Oh, and I have no obligation to deliver the joke nor deliver a good joke.
  • I tried to make a joke about Ethereum’s monetary policy, but it kept changing.
  • I have a joke about bitcoin but zero confirmations
  • I have a joke about ZCash, and trust me, it’s funny.
  • I have a joke about crypto keys, but it’s pretty random.
  • I have a joke about Craig Wright but no one will believe it.

Well, The ‘I have a joke’ which was trending in late July on Twitter bought some humourous illusions of the crypto space. It also tried to bring out the hard facts or issues in the funniest way.

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