“Wallet Certification Standard Creation Will Benefit All’’ Says Hoskinson

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Cardano Founder, Charles Hoskinson says and supports that a certified wallet standard should be established.

He has further emphasized the advantages of the initiative for the broader ecosystem days after declaring that the team driving Cardano’s development hopes to create a certification standard for ADA wallets.

Charles Hoskinson has further highlighted the benefits of the initiative

Hoskinson emphasized that the best benefit of having certification standards for ADA wallets is that it will open up opportunities for catalytic investment in a tweet shared by Cardano’s founder yesterday.

Hoskinson thinks that in order for their preferred wallet developers to achieve certification status, ADA holders will be incentivized to give grants in order to increase their performance, security, and dependability.

Hoskinson goes on to say that the certification program is beneficial to ADA owners, wallet creators, and the Cardano development team as a whole.

The fact that the wallet certification standards will set a target for catalytic funding is their strongest feature. Holders of Ada can grant money to their preferred wallets so they can graduate to a certified status, which will increase security, dependability, and performance. Everyone benefits, according to Hoskinson.

Some holders are still not in support of the initiative

Some ADA holders disagree with the initiative despite stressing the necessity of having a certification standard for wallets.

A member of the ADA community going by the handle @CryptoBeth69 argued against having numerous wallets. The Cardano team was urged by a Twitter user to concentrate on only one wallet, which will eventually be the official Cardano wallet.

In response to the user’s request, Hoskinson stated that competition is beneficial and aids in the development of a robust ecosystem.

Competition is good. It makes a strong ecosystem

— Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) September 30, 2022

Certified wallets versus non-certified wallets

The development occurs a short time after the cryptocurrency entrepreneur put up the proposal of certification standards to establish the difference between certified and non-certified wallets.

Wallets that meet the criteria outlined by the Cardano development team will receive the designation of certified wallet.

Hoskinson was quoted as saying in a video shared with the Cardano community that:

“We hope to get rid of the notion of an official wallet altogether and instead have a certified wallet versus non-certified, and under the certification standards, you can put functional and non-functional requirements, including benchmarking and performance requirements for user experience.”

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