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Aug 6 . 4 min read

August 6, 2020, Shanghai –DNV GL announced that De Cecco, the third largest pasta manufacturer in the world has received the blockchain-powered verification based on the My Care methodology infection prevention processes and measures.

The COVID-19 crisis has forced companies to adopt new processes and systems to assure the health and safety of their employees and customers. This can only be done if the processes and initiatives are communicable, transparent and verifiable. This challenge presents an opportunity for My Care, whose certification process involves the usage of VeChain blockchain technology to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection in workplaces and companies.

Following the recent implementation in the maritime and hotel industry, My Care is now stepping into the food industry.

To ensure that Italians are able to feed themselves, De Cecco was considered part of the essential services of Italy. The supply chain and production of their products never stopped, even during Italy’s COVID-19 lockdown. To ensure the risk of infection for De Cecco remains low, DNV GL’s My Care methodology was adopted by De Cecco.

By adhering to the My Care methodology, De Cecco is able to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement related to the processes and activities for the prevention of COVID-19 risk and infection. The beneficiaries of this include the pasta factories of Fara San Martino and Ortona, the olive oil mills, and the business centre in Pescara.

With regard to this, Vincenzo Ponte, Insurance Manager Quality And Self-control Systems Of De Cecco said, “In recent months, our priority has been creating a safe environment for all our collaborators and operators. With a cohesive team that is always available and ready to intervene, we have adapted our management systems and our operating methods in such a way as to always be in line with the various governmental provisions that have followed over time. To make sure we have reached an adequate level of safety and the ability to give our operators and collaborators evidence of our commitment and product quality, we required DNV GL to provide verification with correct application and effectiveness. Being the first Italian agri-food company to use My Care methodology is a great honor.”

“The verification process is for all of the mills, the pasta factories, the oil mills and the business center of the De Cecco Group. Our independent verification highlights De Cecco’s compliance for transparency and the rigorous use of our methodology. A true example that demonstrates the commitment in the application of all the measures activated by the Group to protect its employees and operators.” Francesco Di Sarno, Sales Director of Digital Assurance & Supply Chain of DNV GL — Business Assurance Italy commented.

My Care features hospital-grade healthcare standards to ensure the highest standards of safety by combining the best practices in risk management, HSE management systems and maturity safety rating standards. Powered by VeChain ToolChainTM, the deployment of blockchain technology brings trust, transparency and integrity into the verification process.

By scanning the QR-code embedded in the trust mark, DNV GL’s My Care assessment statement will be instantly displayed to users with trustworthy and immutable data stored on the VeChainThor blockchain.

“The public awareness of health safety is at an unprecedented high. Given the proven advantage of immutable data storage, the use of blockchain will be increasingly leveraged by businesses in the agri-food sector, particularly in ensuring the transparency of trade, while expediting commerce. Together with DNV GL, we will be dedicated in promoting blockchain-enabled digital products, including My Care into the real business world.” Sunny Lu, co-founder and CEO at VeChain stressed.

As My Care continues to demonstrate an extremely high level of performance in standardization and scalability, it has led to more and more industries and sectors to adopt the blockchain-powered solution.

My Care’s continued adoption also validates and proves the practical potential of its underlying technical platform VeChain ToolChainTM, which is a market-ready tool heading for mass adoption.

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