VeChain Design Contest: Heading For Mass Adoption With The Vision “Everything Is Connected”

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August 24, 2020, Singapore —Since the announcement of the VeChain Community Design Contest, the Foundation received many amazing works from our talented community. Over 130 submissions have been collected, among which the All-stakeholders voting on VeVote was held to decide the final winners.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation for all of the great work and support shown in the contest, especially to our Top 5 winners. The Top 5 winners will share a total prize pool of 3,000 USD, and their designs will be featured on a monthly rotational basis on our official Twitter profile page banner.

In addition, all other quality submissions from the participants can look forward to being featured for specific durations or special occasions, such as festivity themed designs.

VeChain will continue to work hard to achieve our vision of blockchain mass adoption, guided by our “Everything is Connected” mantra.

Designs To Be Featured On VeChain Official Twitter

September 2020 @Ch_roiron

October 2020 @AndreaM0610

November 2020 @nyeffz

December 2020 @RudySteenhoek

January 2021 @Fatiebomba


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