Trust Wallet’s New Browser Extension Goes Live

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According to a recent press release on Monday, Trust Wallet has announced a new addition to its product chain. The wallet extension is structured to support all EVM chains and Solana.

The multi-chain and self-custodian wallet provider has recently joined the league of wallets, releasing an extension for browsers.

The Multi-chain Browser Extension Compliments Mobile App

According to a press report, the recently launched browser extension would be an addition to its mobile wallet. Over 60 million people have downloaded this app, with the platform having over 10 million active global users.

The Crypto company’s new addition of an extension is its gateway to explore Web3 technology. Furthermore, the crypto wallet extension’s design makes it suitable for mobile and desktop users and guarantees a smooth user experience.

In a recent announcement, Trust Wallet’s chief executive, Eowyn Chen, explained that the company’s priority is meeting users’ demands. He revealed that users’ demand would spring more inventions by his team.

Unique Qualities Of The Browser Extension 

The framework of the new browser extension gives users a completely stress-free experience. In addition, the company reveals that a tool that facilitates network auto-detect would be added to enable the addition of multiple chains and a smooth dApp experience.

In addition to the tools, the dApp would enable users to seamlessly search for new Web3 items such as games, metaverse products, and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) tokens that aren’t available on CEX (centralized exchanges).

The browse extension is a new transition into DEX and goes beyond the CEX. The company plans to keep expanding the browser extension by adding more features.

Also, the framework would allow users to add other EVM chains and trade more than 7 million tokens over several chains such as Polygon, ETH, BNB and Solana.

The new browser extension supports current mobile application functionalities like staking for yields, swapping, and storing non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Furthermore, interesting features that promote the incorporation of hardware wallets would be added to the extension. The wallet extension is structured to support browsers like Chrome, Opera, and Brave.

Sequel to the new addition, Trust Wallet’s native token (TWT) experienced a parabolic rise of about 5.48% in the past 24 hours and currently trades at $2.12 according to Coinmarketcap data.

Meanwhile, CZ, the CEO of Binance, in his recent statement, stressed the importance of using a self-custody wallet. Hence, many attribute the surge in TWT’s price to be the result of CZ’s advice.

The abrupt collapse of the FTX exchange draining over $600 million worth of coins, left many investors feeling insecure about where to keep their funds safely. Hence, CZ’s opinion of a self-custody wallet comes on time and has caused many to use Trust Wallet.

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