Top 5 Helpful Tips To Help You Choose A Safe Crypto Casino

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Cryptocurrency casinos have become more commonplace on the internet in recent years. There are dozens of providers to choose from, although there are a few easy steps to distinguish between the different casinos. aims to help players find their crypto casino match. 

Security Is Paramount For A Crypto Casino

Although one could list a dozen or more criteria to figure out the best crypto casino, security should always be at the top of the list. Regardless of how many casino providers there are, it is often not worth one’s while if they compromise security. Protecting customer data and crypto assets is paramount and should never be trumped by convenience, promotions, or other flashy features. The tips below will ensure you can find the right crypto casino and play with peace of mind. 

Crypto Casino License

Despite the growing crypto casino landscape, not all providers operate legitimately. More specifically, various jurisdictions require casino operators to hold a particular license. In areas without a license, they will often have a regulatory framework to adhere to. Therefore, any crypto casino brand needs to work hard to comply with regulations or acquire that license. Without those measures, casinos can conduct nefarious actions, and players would have no legal recourse. 

Only work with crypto casinos that have a license – or are regulatory compliant – in your region. Disregarding that aspect could result in the casino blocking your account from cashing out big winnings or suspending it because you somehow violated their terms of service. It is never worth the risk of having one’s earnings withheld for bogus reasons, especially if there isn’t anything the player can do about it. 

Selection Of Games

A Crypto casino will stand out because of the selection of games players can engage with. Having more titles at one’s disposal leads to gaining more brand awareness among casino enthusiasts. Players looking for specific games or titles will flock to the crypto casino providing access to them. However, ensure the casino operator works with reputable game providers.

In addition, keep an eye on the slot RTP settings. It is not uncommon for shadier casinos to lower the RTP and ensure players have a lower chance of winning. You can easily counter this by only dealing with provably fair crypto casinos to verify the wager’s outcome and verify if there is a hidden house edge. Most crypto casinos have a provably fair mindset. 

Bonuses and Promotions

Judging a crypto casino by its bonuses and promotions may seem straightforward. However, it is equally crucial to analyze the requirements for these rewards. A lucrative bonus or promotion may not always be as easy to obtain as one may like. Figuring out the hidden twists and turns in the conditions can help distinguish between a legitimate casino and one that is best avoided.

It is in users’ best interest to avoid predatory terms, like unrealistic wager requirements, time limits, or low maximum bets. Finding the platforms with zero-wagering requirements, bonuses and other rewards will yield a far more appealing user experience. Keep in mind bonuses may apply to various or specific casino games. 

Deposits & Withdrawals

Interfacing with a crypto casino means sending and receiving cryptocurrency transactions. Most platforms support a multitude of crypto assets, although they may sometimes convert that funds into a “standard” balance like EUR or BTC. I that is the case, players need to ensure the conversion rates are accurate and transparent. If not, no one can verify whether deposits and withdrawals are performed accurately. 

Some platforms may restrict withdrawals to a certain amount per week or month, which is never a good sign. That makes it nigh impossible to cash out big winnings for no reason. In addition, the speed at which withdrawals are executed needs to be as low as possible. Malicious platforms will delay these transactions at every turn. 

We have a top list of crypto casinos that do not have withdrawal limits and process transfers instantly. 


A crypto casino’s reputation takes years to build but only a few moments to destroy. Figuring out a platform’s reputation is not too hard, thanks to various media portals, review websites, affiliate portals, and Trustpilot. As new bitcoin casinos pop up left, right, and center, analyzing their reputation is an essential step before sending them your money. 

Having a casino with negative feedback is relatively standard, although the number of negative feedback posts should always be minimal. Reputable brands will often help users with their issues to resolve these matters. Unfortunately, others will ignore these complaints, indicating they operate with a less-than-honest mindset. 

Some Smaller Tips

Before you start your crypto casino journey, figure out the maximum bet for slots and table games. Every casino has different thresholds and values can range from $50 to $10,000 or more. 

In addition, anonymity while playing at an online casino is hard to come by. Cryptocurrencies provide a layer of pseudonymity, and casinos only working with crypto assets introduce a bit of privacy. Some casinos won’t verify user identities to provide an extra layer of anonymity. However, due to more strict regulations, that has become an outlier rather than the norm. 

Closing Thoughts

There is much excitement surrounding crypto casinos, as they present many appealing opportunities. However, no one should go in blind, and we urge users to conduct the homework through the checklist above. A quick analysis of the gaming platform will often reveal whether it is worth playing there or not. 

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