The Onecoin Debacle: Indictments Unsealed, 2 Dead in Mexico, Story Gets ‘Darker’

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The Onecoin Debacle: Indictments Unsealed, 2 Dead in Mexico, Story Gets 'Darker'

The Onecoin fiasco is still making headlines these days as a number of alleged money laundering companies were exposed on July 25, two Onecoin leaders were recently killed in Mexico, and the British author Jamie Bartlett revealed a new “Missing Cryptoqueen” episode is coming soon.

The Bulgaria-based Ponzi scheme Onecoin is making headlines again as a number of new revelations have come to light. The twisted tale continues with a man named Gilbert Armenta who has been accused of co-conspiring with the lawyer Mark Scott to launder hundreds of millions of Onecoin proceeds. has reported on Scott’s alleged conspiring with Onecoin leaders after filings from the New York Southern District Court (NYSD) revealed he was charged with laundering $400 million in the British Virgin Islands. Armenta ostensibly worked with Scott and Ruja Ignatova, otherwise known as the ‘Cryptoqueen.’

The Onecoin Debacle Continues: Indictments Unsealed, 2 Dead in Mexico,
During the Onecoin trial against the Cryptoqueen’s brother Konstantin Ignatov and the former Locke Lord attorney Mark Scott in the New York Southern District Court (NYSD), Judge Edgardo Ramos unsealed Gilbert Armenta’s indictment and set a sentencing date for October 21, 2020. (Pictured on the left is former lawyer Mark Scott, and the Cryptoqueen’s brother Konstantin Ignatov is pictured on the right)

Reports published in February show that Scott threw Armenta “under the bus” and alleged that Amenta “provided his own banks with supposedly inaccurate information about why he, Armenta, was transferring his own money to the BVI-approved Fenero private equity funds managed through Mr. Scott.”

Basically, Scott said that he wasn’t aware of the Onecoin funds and his lawyers said “there was no evidence whatsoever that Mr. Scott was aware of, much less agreed to, the making of these alleged misrepresentations.”

On July 25, the popular court reporter, Matthew Russell Lee, from Inner City Press detailed that Armenta’s companies have been exposed after documents were unsealed. Armenta’s sentencing was also scheduled by a new judge, Lee revealed. For quite some time Armenta was able to get his sentenced postponed through SDNY Judge Willian H. Pauley III.

However, Armenta has a new judge now, according to Lee and the unsealed indictment is available for public viewing. Lee also names a number of individuals exposed in the unsealed document. The individuals seemingly have ostensible links to Ruja Ignatova’s Raven R company. NYSD Judge Edgardo Ramos has set Armenta’s sentencing date for October 21, 2020.

The Onecoin Debacle Continues: Indictments Unsealed, 2 Dead in Mexico,
Two Onecoin promoters Ignacio Ibarra and Brito Ibarra were both found dead in an empty parking lot after they were stuffed in suitcases. Mazatlan police say the men suffocated.

Onecoin also made headlines when two high-ranking promoters were found dead in Mexico on June 30 and the promoters were found stuffed inside suitcases. The two men Ignacio Ibarra and Brito Ibarra (no relation) allegedly promoted Onecoin for a long time and leveraged an entity called the Latin American Automotive Marketing Company (CLA).

The two men were allegedly kidnapped two days prior to being found as the culprits dumped the suitcases in a vacant parking lot located in Mazatlan.

Lastly, the popular BBC Sounds show “Missing Cryptoqueen” is coming back with another episode. readers can listen to the recently published trailer here.

“We’re back,” the British author and journalist Jamie Bartlett recently tweeted. “The story is even crazier than we thought. Episode 9 of The Missing Cryptoqueen [is] coming soon.”

The Onecoin Debacle Continues: Indictments Unsealed, 2 Dead in Mexico,
The popular BBC Sounds broadcast the “Missing Cryptoqueen” has plans to air another episode in the near future. spoke with the “Missing Cryptoqueen” show host and British author Jamie Bartlett on Wednesday. The show about Onecoin’s missing leader is also produced by the documentaries producer Georgia Catt.

Speaking with on Wednesday morning Bartlett said that he couldn’t go into great detail about the upcoming episode.

“What I can say is that over the last 6 months the story of Onecoin had got even stranger and darker than we realised,” Bartlett stressed. “I can’t say for certain how many there will be— but there will definitely be more than this forthcoming episode 9. There is still a lot we are investigating.”

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