SBF Is Better Off At Bribing Media Outlets Than Managing FTX – Elon Musk

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Elon Musk, Twitter’s new CEO, believes Sam Bankman Fried (SBF) is better off bribing media personalities than running a functional cryptocurrency platform.

Musk also clarified claims that the FTX former director had purchased a stake at Twitter worth $100 million.

General opinions on SBF have noticeably changed for the worse following the fallout of his crypto exchange, FTX. SBF has carved his name in the pages of unwanted crypto history. Many would remember him as the American who managed a multi-billion-dollar crypto company that collapsed, leading to a considerable loss of investors’ assets.

While others showed empathy towards SBF, two famous personalities in the crypto industry, Elon and Changpeng Zhao, expressed their antipathy towards him.

In his recent tweet, the Tesla CEO opined that the FTX exchange would still be functional only if Bankman Fried were good at managing the firm as much as he is at bribing the media.

Elon’s tweet attracted many reactions, including the Binance CEO, CZ. CZ responded with a laughing emoji under the post. Musk had earlier admitted to having a conversation with SBF before the conclusion of his Twitter deal.

After the discussion with SBF, Musk concluded that Bankman Fried couldn’t offer much to the development of the crypto industry. Musk revealed they had conversed for only an hour before he concluded that SBF doesn’t have enough knowledge about the industry to impress him.

CZ Mocks SBF 

Meanwhile, Binance CEO, on his part, has had a share of sarcastic moments with the FTX former boss. CZ advised SBF to pay more attention to resolving his multi-billion-dollar issues rather than posting mysterious tweets.

Recently, Bankman Fried, in one of his messages, mentioned that an infamous silent partner whom he trusted so much had allegedly infringed on that trust. Hence, he intends to push the platform on a death spiral.

While some people speculated this trusted person could be Zhao, the Binance CEO responded that only a psychopath could post such a tweet in the heat of the occurrence. CZ also claimed that he had nothing to do with the platform’s collapse.

Several reports have stated that Bankman Fried owned a $100 million stake in Twitter before the platform’s sale to Elon Musk. However, the new Twitter owner clarified that the rumors were “false and warned the media to stop spreading false news.

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