Robinhood to List ADA Ahead of Cardano’s Vasil Hard Fork

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Cardano is often referred to as the ace of the crypto market; according to many analysts out there, the infrastructure of Cardano is more than secure and built to take charge of the crypto market, and somewhere along the lines, the crypto is going to do just that.

To throw some facts out there, Cardano is the 8th largest cryptocurrency out there by market capitalization and despite the agonizing volatility of the crypto market slashing prices of the assets left, and right, it largely remained unaffected and continued its slow but consistent approach towards the price uptick.

Robinhood is Finally Hosting Cardano on its Platform

According to the recent tweet from the San Francisco-based crypto exchange Robinhood, they are going to launch Cardano on their exchange and list it over there so that it is up for grabs when it comes to active trading. That means that people would be able to buy it in real time and trade it in Cardano over the exchange.

There are only a few exchanges out there that have given Cardano that privilege, as most of the trading for this very cryptocurrency takes place on the decentralized avenues, and that is not a surprise because the cryptocurrency was lacking a very major update that is going to actually uplift the momentum of the platform and make the crypto more stable than it presently is.

Yes, that is right; just like the Ether, Cardano is set to receive a major upgrade that would change not only its consensus protocol but also a few other things which are assumed to boost the scalability of the platform and tune many other aspects of it as well.

Things are finally looking up for Cardano, but one thing that is a bit peculiar is that it didn’t receive any boost in terms of the price of the asset after the news was out there.

According to the developers and other management staff working for Cardano, they are positive that the update will transpire and will get implemented in its allotted time and that there aren’t any delays in it. The update is going to be here in the allotted time.

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