Revealing the CREAMethod and its Highly Anticipated Incubation Project, 8Hours Foundation + PlayTable

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Revealing the CREAMethod and its Highly Anticipated Incubation Project, 8Hours Foundation + PlayTable

8Hours Foundation and PlayTable CREAMethod

Over the past half year, the team at CREAM has been busy evolving our business strategy and enhancing our methodology. This has resulted in two revolutionary concepts; one changing the way venture capitalists approach startups, and two, how a startup should structure itself for optimal success. This groundbreaking methodology is called the CREAMethod.

CREAMethod has enabled us to work with a new pipeline of projects, creating a one-of-a-kind proactive investment incubator. Within CREAMethod, our projects go through a unique process, which usually involves a dramatic shifting of the minds of the founders and CEO as well as changing their business strategy from top to bottom. We advise this restructuring so that it can achieve the flexibility, longevity, and ability to integrate within a broader range of third-party business structures. This allows for the success rate to increase.

The Method of CREAM

The culmination of the process is consistent coaching, advising, investing, blockchainization, tokenization, and community growth. Ultimately, we work to restructure an existing sound company into an advantageous closed-looped ecosystem with a three-dimensional business model. We do not assume full control; rather it’s a collaborative process. It’s a careful evolution that brings change needed to meet the vision, brand, and heart that the team aspires to capture.

With new technology comes immense work, struggle, and hardships. Thus, it’s imperative that these companies have every possible angle to succeed.

Our developing criteria is immense, limiting who we take on as a portfolio project. Our ratio of initiating an introduction from a submitted project is less than one out of 100 that find their way into our inboxes.

Today, we are excited to announce a project that has successfully entered into our incubator. We are extremely glad to share this project with the community. The project is called the 8Hours Foundation, with its first founding member PlayTable.

Learn more about the 8Hours New Token Issuance (NTI) project here

When we brought on the 8Hours Foundation and PlayTable, we immediately knew we had found something that our process and technology could transform into a substantial success. The team works out of an old, hacker-style house, led by John Dempsey, a young and energetic entrepreneur who appears to be reserved yet full of passion.

Two things that struck us while working with John, are that he is exceptionally intelligent and his ability to be extremely execution and delivery oriented. There were challenges along the way, but they designed a plan, and then delivered as expected. John and his team were impressive indeed.

Another member of the team, Joe, is the creative director. He has strong opinions, which are usually on point. He’s articulate and full of great ideas. Along with John and Joe are a team of talented staff. With such an outstanding team, it’s easy to be excited about being on the cusp of something amazing.

CREAM will be incubating and advising 8Hours Platform and PlayTable on a strategic level. The use cases of PlayTable present a great opportunity for blockchain. VeChainThor Blockchain, the forerunner of blockchain mass adoption, has significant experience with IoT devices and blockchain integration, which makes it an ideal platform for the 8Hours Foundation and PlayTable. 8Hours Foundation will be exclusively using VeChainThor for all its blockchain endeavors.

8Hours Foundation with PlayTable is one of many to be delivered with the CREAMethod going forward, complimenting previous success projects to form CREAM ecosystem where everyone helps each other. We look forward to continued growth and emerging opportunities within the blockchain industry. We are at the beginning, as we anticipate many more accomplishments, ushered in by the pioneering approach to blockchain technology.


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