Preliminary MVG Staking

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In order to fullful our plan to start staking by Q1 we open up for an unlocked staking of MVG tokens in order to earn GEMS.

On the other hand, we don’t want to release GEMS into the market without utility, which is why the distribution of the accumulated staking rewards will happen when the MVG marketplace launches.

This will give people the opportunity hoard GEMS, so they can use or trade them once the MVG marketplace launches. This will also ensure a higher liquidity of GEMS once utility is added.

Minimum requirement: 500.000 MVG Tokens.
1.000.000 MVG Tokens gives 10 GEMS per week.

GEMS utility:

Land-sale & Collectors Edition NFTs.Voting rights on game development proposals and general direction.Other game-related elements & utilities.

All GEMS are burned when spend. This means, the company won’t earn by its land-sale. This is a reward to those who have hoarded GEMS and will be able to trade and use their land NFTs.

Subscribe to staking here by filling out the form.

Treasure Chest NFTs
If you have a Treasure Chest NFT, you will get the option to allocate it to the wallet, once the market opens, but before the GEMS are distributed. The bonus will then be included.

Read more about MVG Staking here

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