MVG Token 86% Burn

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As stated during the ICO, all unsold tokens allocated for the ICO will be burned. This would mean a 56,4% token burn. But we want to take it a step further.

Official Date for the token burn: 3. Dec. 2021.

Check it here: 0x1283fe2263745f4c9b3d28f667ab1ed398c3df6da6f550b183c7e86fb5af596e


In order to adjust the circulating supply to the actual number of tokens in circulation in private hands, we stated that unsold ICO-tokens would be burned.

In accordance with the team DDVP (Delivery Dependent Vesting Period), no team members get any tokens before main products have been delivered. This means that 100% of the circulating supply is currently in private hands from the ICO.

Burn (ICO Tokens): 56.372.811.000 MVG Tokens (56,4 % of total supply).


Message from our CEO, Daniel Donoso Rasmussen:

“We have been talking within the team about what our personal financial goal is, and we have reached the conclusion, that our dream is not to become rich, but rather to achieve economic freedom in order to be able to truly dedicate ourselves to the things we love doing: We want to spend our time creating games and building worlds. That’s why we have decided to burn a good deal of team tokens”.

We want to stay true to our vision that a grand part of the total supply should be in private hands, and not held by the company or team. Only burning the tokens left from the ICO, would leave the team with a proportionally huge percentage of the total supply. In order to stay true to our principles, the team has agreed to burn 82,3% of the tokens allocated for them.

Burn (Team Tokens): 19.549.594.500 MVG Tokens (19,55% of total supply).

Moreover, some other allocations will likewise be reduced, resulting in a total burn of 86% of the total supply.


New Total supply: 14 billion MVG Tokens

Current Circulating Supply: 5.445.939.000 MVG Tokens

ICO: 5.445.939.000 MVG Tokens

Private Investors: MVG Tokens (Bought at ICO-price. Unlocked over 2,8 years).

Team: 3.560.405.500 MVG Tokens (Locked in DDVP: Delivery Dependent Vesting Period).

Partners, Crosschain & Community rewards: 3.811.806.100 MVG tokens

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