Launch of New Staking Pools by CIVILIZATION for ALL SHIBA INU Tokens

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Three Shiba Inu ecosystem currencies, SHIB, BONE, and LEASH will soon have their DAO pools, according to Civilization, the first Community Investment Vehicle (CIV) in history. Civilization claims that the action was taken in response to the community’s involvement in a project known as Ryoshi Tribute.

Civilization recently said in a blog post that

“It’s time to introduce new DAO pools on CivFarm. For the first session of DAO pools, the community in recent weeks has expressed strong interest in an initiative called Ryoshi Tribute,”

Civilization has posted a proposal on CivFarm DAO to allow Stone holders to vote on whether the team should establish three liquidity pools for the Shiba Inu community in light of the significant community interest in the project.

The staking pools for SHIB-0NE LP, LEASH-0NE LP, and BONE-0NE LP will all be added by Civilization.

“So, this vote is to add three additional liquidity pools to CivFarm: SHIB-0NE LP staking pool, LEASH-0NE LP staking pool, BONE-0NE LP staking pool,” the announcement read.

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Details of the Proposal

According to the team, the voting started yesterday and will last 72 hours. The only individuals eligible to vote are Stone holders who have staked their tokens in the new staking Stone pool.

The team will immediately announce the results after the conclusion of voting. The team will add the three pools if the majority of voters approve of their addition to the Ryoshi Tribute.

The SHIB-0NE, LEASH-0NE, and BONE-0NE staking pools will be accessible after being added for 60 days following the activation day of the pools. These tokens can be staked by owners of SHIB, LEASH, and BONE to earn Stone rewards.

“We invite you to participate and contribute to this first evolution of CivFarm. New milestones are waiting for us, CIVians!” the team stated.
There were only 12 casted votes at the time of publication. There is unanimous approval to introduce three staking pools for the Shiba Inu community.

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