Is it the End of Tattoos in Times of Metaverses and NFTs?

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To date, the first tattoo has been found in Egyptian mummies buried almost five thousand years ago.

Although many empires have fallen in this time, five millennia later, tattoos continue to be part of the identity of millions of people on the planet. 

Neither culture nor geographic locations have been able to stop people from participating in this multi-million-dollar industry. 

This is how tattoos will exist in metaverses and NFTs

We are walking into a completely digitized future filled with connections, where tools like the metaverse allow us to change and customize our appearance to our liking. From clothing, shoes, and eye color to aspects like our name and our identity. But we can’t help but ask ourselves about tattoos and their place in this space. 

Alejandro Rincón is a Colombian artist. Seven years ago, in his graduate project, he proposed an innovative idea that consisted of intervening on dolls with tattoos, piercings, hairstyles, among other accessories to showcase a message about the homogenization of people, bodies, and the limited freedom that societal standards provide. 

At the time he received the attention of several art critics who evaluated his work and applauded his idea. But Alejandro’s question about identity and expression grew beyond his studies and multiplied when the metaverse and new technologies began to become a new possibility for his art. 

That’s when he joined a group of other great minds to build the first tattoo shop in the metaverse. By offering the possibility of customizing your avatar in the space, you allow people to bring more of their identities and personalities, which translates into a more creative and personalized world. Metadolls are the latest way to showcase your true self through tattoos and piercings in the metaverse. 

What is Metadolls and how is it related to tattoos and freedom?

In order to grow a community of lovers who promote the first tattoo shop in the metaverse, Metadolls will launch its first NFT collection, which is characterized by creating links with lovers of tattoos, freedom, art, and customizing their bodies. This collection will include 7,000 hyper-realistic 3D dolls, created by Alejandro Rincón, and will be available on the Ethereum network in December 2022. 

The first members will be able to access special events that will take place in different places around the world where art, music, and tattoos will come together. 

Are you passionate about tattoos and art? Follow them on Twitter and be part of the Metadolls family.

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