How will MVG staking work? Hoard your GEMS

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By staking MVG you can earn GEMS.

People like to stake, but some are hesitant to transfer their tokens to a wallet they don’t have control over. On the other hand, we don’t want to hand out GEMS to people who are just temporarily holding MVG or are unaware of the staking features. Said in other words, we want staking to be an active decision.

As a middle-ground solution, where you will just have to sign your wallet up for the staking program by sharing your wallet address, but you can still keep your MVG tokens in your own wallet. Just a simple “3-click” process. GEMS will be paid out on a weekly basis.

99,99% of total supply is allocated to be generated by Stakers, while 0,01% is allocated for community rewards.

Hoard your GEMS over time.


The generation rate is 10 GEMS a week per 1.000.000 MVG staked, only counting wholes of 100.000 MVG. So, for example 999.999 MVG tokens, will still count as 900.000 MVG Tokens. All GEMS are burned when used.

The staking is calculated based on the lowest amount in the wallet during that week. If sign up happens during a week, GEMS will be paid out proportionally for the rest of the week. In order to sign up and be eligible for staking, the wallet must contain a minimum of 500.000 MVG Tokens.

Example: On Monday morning William buys his first 1.000.000 MVG and signs his wallet up for staking. Wednesday, he sells 200.000 MVG, leaving the wallet with 800.000 MVG. Then on Friday, he buys 400.000 MVG, getting the total MVG up to 1.200.000 MVG. GEMS will be paid out the following Monday for the past week and calculated based on the 800.000 MVG.

The only way for gamers to buy GEMS is by getting them from people who stake MVG and sell them on the market. MVG Stakers will be the people influencing many of the in-game economy aspects of the games. The Mad Viking Games company will not provide liquidity in GEMS.

Several unique utilities:

Land-sale & Collectors Edition NFTs.Voting rights on game development proposals and general directionOther game-related elements & utilities

What is Collectors Edition NFTs? They are special art NFTs released in a very limited number and will only be purchasable with GEMS.

Read the Mad Viking Games roadmap here and learn more about when our Staking options will be fully implemented. Get MVG on

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