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Our Governance Token GEMS has been deployed and will appear in the VechainThor Mobile wallet and Sync MyTokens any day now.

GEMS are generated by staking MVG Tokens and burned when spend. They can also be acquired in small amounts during special events.

GEMS is the governance token that gamers can use to vote for different game and platform related proposals. GEMS will also have various functions that will augment the in-game experience of our users, which we will reveal later on.

As a GEMS holder, you can either spend them, sell them or hoard your GEMS for later. Read more at:


In order to get these extra benefits, a holder of a Treasure Chest NFT must also hold the corresponding amount of MVG tokens. For example a Gold Treasure Chest would need 5,500,000 MVG tokens in the wallet where the NFT is stored.

First pick on NFT Game Characters made in a pre-sale.

A person holding a Diamond Chest will pick before a person holding a Platinum Chest and so forth.
Each Treasure Chest will be assigned a specific number of NFT Characters that can be pre-purchased. For example a person with two Gold Chests, will therefore be able to pick double as many as a person with just one.

The Treasure Chest NFTs imbuing the offsprings with power.

Holding a Treasure Chest NFT with the corresponding amount of MVG tokens while breeding two NFT Characters, increases the %-chance of rare features in the offspring.

Treasure Chest NFTs still retains their benefits like staking bonus, reduced market fee etc. independent of the amount of MVGs in the wallet.

Treasure Chest VS MVG Token Table:

How much MVG is needed to get these special benefits?

Diamond Treasure Chest: 60,000,000 MVG Tokens per chestPlatinum Treasure Chest: 28,750,000 MVG Tokens per chestGold Treasure Chest: 5,500,000 MVG Tokens per chestSilver Treasure Chest: 2.625.000 MVG Tokens per chestBronze Treasure Chest: 1,000,000 MVG Tokens per chest

When the MVG Marketplace opens Treasure Chest NFTs can be freely sold and bought.

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