GameFi Platform Fractal Expands to Polygon with 30 Ecosystem Launch Partners

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Fractal has expanded its gaming suite, feature set, and in-game NFT marketplace to Polygon. 
The Web3 gaming platform plans to support 30 Polygon-based games with this expansion.
Fractal was launched on Solana in 2021 as an open marketplace for gaming NFTs.
Polygon hosts more than 53,000 decentralized projects. 

Web3 gaming protocol Fractal has expanded its coast to Polygon. As a result of this move, Fractal’s gaming suite, feature set, and marketplace for in-game NFTs will now run live on Polygon.

FRACTAL IS EXPANDING TO POLYGON @fractalwagmi mints, tournaments, marketplace, and studio are now available #onPolygon

Excited to announce the launch with Fractal’s 30 Polygon partners. Watch the video reveal

— Polygon Gaming (@PolygonGaming) January 24, 2023

Through the expansion, developers in the Polygon ecosystem can build in-game marketplaces using Fractal SDK. This would prevent players from leaving the game to browse and transact NFTs.

It is noteworthy that Fractal plans to support 30 Polygon-based games at launch with this expansion. Some games to benefit from this support include Sunflower Land, Aether Games, Life Beyond, Phantom Galaxies, and many more. 

Additionally, the Web3 gaming platform will collaborate with Polygon Labs to offer promotions to games running on the network. This would be done through online tournaments and events ahead of March’s annual Game Developers Conference (GDC).

With the recent collaboration, Polygon Foundation co-founder Sandeep Nailwal hopes to bring Web3 gaming to the mass market. 

“Fractal has emerged as a crucial hub for the discovery of blockchain games. By teaming up with Fractal and combining their impressive suite of developer tools with our own, we aim to make 2023 the year we bring Web3 gaming to the mass market,” Nailwal stated

Fractal was started on Solana in 2021 by offering an open marketplace for gaming NFTs, allowing gaming firms to list NFT drops for in-game assets and sell directly to players. 

According to reports, Polygon Ventures will also make a ‘strategic investment’ in Fractal to strengthen the team’s partnership with Web3 game developers.

Polygon Gaining Attention in the Web3 Space

Polygon enjoys a healthy adoption rate, with more than 53,000 decentralized projects building on it as of last October. According to Polygon, the network has processed 2.36 billion transactions and has more than 216.309 million unique addresses. Fractal co-founder Justin Kan said: 

“Our goal is to support game developers, and part of that is being wherever the game developers want to be. And a lot of them want to be on Polygon, to be honest.”

Several companies have also collaborated with Layer-2 scaling solutions to foster their entry into the Web3 space. Some of these firms include Adidas, Adobe, Robinhood, and Stripe. According to Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal, the major focus of the platform is to onboard the next billion users to Web3.

On the Flipside

To assist NFT-based games on Polygon, the popular NFT marketplace Magic Eden also expanded to Polygon last November. Fractal may thus face some competition from Magic Eden, which dominated the Solana NFT space last year.

Why You Should Care

Polygon, created as an Ethereum scaling solution, has recently collaborated with multiple firms, bringing more adoption to Web3. With the collaboration of Fractal, the blockchain platform takes yet another important step forward.


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