Daz 3D Drops Free Spacebots NFT Collection In Celebration Of NFT Day On Coinbase

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This Tuesday, September 20th marks International NFT Day and NFT enthusiasts around the globe are in for a treat. In celebration of the day, Daz 3D, a graphic design company specializing in 3D art, has announced the drop of ‘Spacebots’. The free NFT collection consists of 9,888 Spacebots, each featuring fantastic traits and gorgeous Sci-Fi backgrounds. In anticipation of the event, Coinbase has presented a countdown for the Spacebots NFT collection drop, which is ticking down to launch approximately 10 hours from the time of this publication.

Spacebots are entering this universe Sept. 20th on @Coinbase_NFT check out their landing module https://t.co/q09QN1lsmc

— SpacebotsNFT – Free Mint (@SpaceBotsNFTs) September 17, 2022

Backstory of the Spacebots NFT

SpacebotsNFT by Daz 3D presents an inclusive galaxy in which everyone’s individual traits matter. Together, they have fought the evil spirits of ‘Oothixo’ for many thousands of years. The Spacebot NFT heroes are on a mission to protect the ‘Blue Star’. For this, they have to go on a journey in search of knowledge and support, before finally returning as ‘Legends’.

However, the story of what happened to the Legends is yet unknown, as they were supposed to unite their powers for the greater good, but instead disappeared. Now, the Spacebots risk extinction, as the Blue Star loses its shine, and may even fall. To save themselves from extinction, the Spacebot NFT heroes must fully realize the powers of the Legends, and pave the way for their future.

The manipulation of early concept layers of Spacebots. S/O to our brilliant founder @torybryant20 pic.twitter.com/hbjAHBB3cg

— SpacebotsNFT – Free Mint (@SpaceBotsNFTs) September 20, 2022

The 5th International NFT Day Celebration

As the story goes, September 20th, 2017, was the day ERC-721 tokens officially became non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. So, who coined the phrase? Apparently, it was Dapper Labs CTO Dete Shirley, the Chief Architect of the Flow blockchain. Ever since then, NFTs have opened avenues to an endless sea of digital art, exclusive club & community memberships, collectibles, and a multi-billion dollar market.

Happy International #NFTDay!

On this day, September 20, 2017, the term Non-fungible Token started being used to describe the technology that is shaping the future of digital ownership.

We wish you the best in your NFT venture.#STRMNFT #STRMNFTmarketplace #InternationalNFTDay pic.twitter.com/CIjqhQNF0o

— STRMNFT Marketplace (@STRMNFT) September 20, 2022

On the Flipside

Total NFT sales plummeted to just around 55K, marking a 10.66% decrease since last week.
The Spacebots collection  didn’t create much hype on Twitter, despite its partnership with the Coinbase NFT marketplace.

Why You Should Care

NFTs are finally seeing widespread adoption, forming partnerships with established brands, sports clubs, celebrities and social influencers.

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