Crypto Investment Fund PoolBTC Opens up for Crypto Diversification

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Crypto Investment Fund PoolBTC Opens up for Crypto Diversification

Arkansas U.S. based crypto investment fund, PoolBTC Crypto LLC, detailed its asset diversification system to new and willing investors. According to the press release, the company is welcoming crypto investors from all corners of the world to join its investment fund.

PoolBtc has been operating with a capital of around $2 million and anticipates to see it grow to $5 million.

“We announce that we open the entrance of new clients and new capital, but we will only accept a maximum of $ 5,000,000 in total. And we already had approximately $ 2,000,000, therefore, we accept $ 3,000,000, we do not establish an investment limit per client, we establish a global investment limit if an institutional client decides to invest $ 3,000,000 we automatically close registrations and new investors,” the company stated through its website.

As cases of crypto scams rise especially with the increased crypto adoption, PoolBTC is promising its investors a secure, sure return investment. Furthermore, it claims that it is regulated by the United States government.

In order to maintain a steady flow of income to its investors, PoolBtc invests through crypto arbitrage, crypto trading, expert advisors and manual forex trading.

Crypto investors with PoolBtc are to get return on investments on a daily basis, however, withdrawals are only made on Saturday.

The company subtracts 10% of the benefits to be capable of delivering on its daily ROI without depending on withdrawal fees. In addition, the company subtracts 20% of the profit for the upliners and the rest, 70%, goes to the investor.

In order to ensure accountability of the users funds, the company is audited through different audit companies such as myfxbook, or companies like fxblue.

Being a private investment company, it has been accepting new clients only through referrals. However, it gave a link through which global crypto investors can open up an account with the company directly.

There are other benefits associated with the company for its clients including, two special bonuses and a chance to win 5 BTC in an ongoing contest.

“PoolBTC has recently launched an expansion campaign in the Hispanic world, as part of this campaign a 50 BTC contest has been created where there will be 10 winners of 5 BTC for each of the winners, this contest ends on 11/122020,” the company wrote in the press release.

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