CREAM announces Partnership with Bitrue to Strengthen the CREAMethod and VeChain Ecosystem

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CREAM announces Partnership with Bitrue to Strengthen the CREAMethod and VeChain Ecosystem

CREAM Bitrue VeChain Partnership

It has been almost a year since the announcement of CREAM’s strategic partnership and incubation project, the 8Hours Foundation and their Founding Partner PlayTable. CREAM continues to work hard behind the scenes across multiple time zones and geographical regions, strengthening the CREAMethod incubation ecosystem. 

CREAM continues to make use of ample resources and a global network to engage new business partners as well as work closely with preexisting allies. Financial institutions, venture capital and government authorities among others contribute to the expansion of both VeChain and CREAM.

More recently, Hacken joined CREAMethod as the latest incubation project. Working closely with Hacken’s CEO Dmitriy Budorin, the new HackenAI project was announced in August 2019 and is progressing smoothly, with their Closed Beta Test launch imminent. As with the 8Hours Foundation, HackenAI will be built on and powered by the VeChainThor blockchain, the world’s leading public blockchain platform.  

As a proactive investment incubator, we at CREAM focus on maximising real value for both incubation projects and the VeChainThor ecosystem. CREAM focuses solely on partners that share the same vision of blockchain technology; an enabling force, creating entirely new business models and means of collaboration. The numerous partners we have accrued in recent years, in turn, provide incubation projects the resources necessary to focus on what they do best – build.

Today, we are excited to announce that we are entering into a partnership with one of the leading global cryptocurrency exchanges – Bitrue. 

For users familiar with Bitrue, they would know the exchange largely focuses on the XRP ecosystem. At first glance, it seems an unlikely partnership. CREAM is a strategic partner and advisor of the VeChain Foundation, while Bitrue primarily serves an entirely different community. What brought these two together?

CREAM was involved in the process of bringing VET to Bitrue in January 2019 and have been actively in contact since then. During conversations, we found that both CREAM and Bitrue both harbour consensus around the mass adoption of blockchain technology; that adoption will be driven by startups, businesses and enterprises. Bitrue’s XRP focus is evidence of that belief, the Ripple community also champion enterprise focused use cases as the harbinger of mass adoption, as do the VeChain community.

Thus, the more Bitrue and CREAM talked to each other, the more Bitrue came to understand the VeChain project, community, and ecosystem. After conversations between the top executives of CREAM, VeChain and Bitrue, it is evident that a partnership would benefit all parties involved. Bitrue recognises the overlap in the VeChain and XRP community mindset and so, naturally, felt their exchange would be greatly enhanced by also serving the VeChain community. Both communities agree enterprise use cases will pave the way towards the mass adoption of blockchain technology, it is a logical leap.

“Bitrue has been continually impressed by the growing adoption of the VeChainThor blockchain and appreciates the proactive approach that CREAM is taking to strengthen both the CREAMethod and VeChain ecosystem. Enterprise and business use cases will drive mass adoption of blockchain and we’re glad we can play a role in accelerating this process. Bitrue pledges to work in the best interests of both CREAM and VeChain, whilst simultaneously enhancing our bespoke trading products to effectively serve both current and new customers alike. We look forward to welcoming the VeChain community to our exchange.” – Curis Wang, CEO of Bitrue

“At CREAM, we strive to provide meaningful value for our incubated projects, partners and stakeholders. Cryptocurrency exchanges that are dedicated in providing exceptional value to customers are rarely seen, Bitrue epitomises the customer centricity we value. We are confident this partnership will yield dividends for all parties involved and we thank Bitrue for the dedication and commitment to the CREAMethod and VeChain ecosystem, as well as the community.” – Jackson Fu, Co-Founder of CREAM 

This valuable partnership will deliver value and enhance the scope and reach for VeChain and the CREAMethod ecosystem. Bitrue has dedicated resources for building exchange tools to serve the VeChain community and has pledged to work with the best interests of the VeChain community in mind. So, with this in mind, CREAM and Bitrue are pleased to share the following announcements:

  • Bitrue will list the VTHO token with a VTHO/BTC trading pair at 11pm (UTC+8) on February 24th, enabling the VeChain and Ripple community to trade VTHO on the exchange. 
  • VTHO will be distributed weekly to all VET holders, instead of the current monthly distribution schedule. 
  • Bitrue will support the VIP180 token ecosystem, including fast-tracked listing services for tokenized projects built on the CREAMethod and VeChain ecosystems.

To further demonstrate its commitment towards the VeChain community, Bitrue has pledged to announce support for the VeChain X-nodes program, providing benefits and rewards for the most dedicated VeChain community members. Please look for announcements on Bitrue’s website and social media channels for exact dates and details.

About CREAM:

CREAM, one of the main driving forces behind VeChain, is a leading strategic advisory and investment firm and pioneering investment incubator using blockchain and the crypto-economy to enable the potential of startups and enterprises globally. CREAM provides a unique approach to blockchain and the creation of crypto-economy business models. As one of the first investment incubators to focus on enhancing business efficiency with blockchain, CREAM is driving disruption into the business world, delivering tangible results that are becoming foundational technologies of the future economy. CREAM is comprised of an international team, focused on delivering real world objectives, unlocking novel value and securing use cases and applications for the CREAMethod incubation ecosystem and VeChainThor network.

About Bitrue:

Singaporean cryptocurrency exchange Bitrue provides lending and staking options to suit your trading style, offering the best APR investment rates globally. Bitrue’s ‘Power Piggy’ product allows users to stake cryptocurrency and earn interest rates of up to 15%. Power Piggy was one of the first staking products in the cryptocurrency industry. Furthermore, Bitrue Loans is another pioneering product, allowing users to stake cryptocurrencies and receive a loan in a different token. Bitrue was the first exchange to offer XRP as a base pair and currently supports over 80 XRP pairs. The trading platform supports 110 different tokens, including VET pairs. More will be added on a continual basis to further enhance the trading experience. 

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