Bitcoin Billionaires to Pitch Cryptocurrency to Influential Day Trader Dave Portnoy

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Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, the twins who founded crypto exchange Gemini in 2014, have agreed to explain the concept of Bitcoin (BTC) to Barstool Sports CEO and highly-influential day trader Dave Portnoy.

In a new video posted on Twitter, Portnoy tells his 1.7 million followers that he has no idea how the crypto king works.

“I don’t know how to buy Bitcoin. I don’t want to get one of those wallets things where you need like a passcode that has like ‘Oh you need Martian language and 16 hieroglyphics and your cousin’s aunt maiden name has to spelled backwards and you have got to hide that thing under the cushion. If you lose it or someone takes it, it’s just gone.'”

Portnoy also says that while he’s an early BTC investor, he has no clue how to access his holdings.

“I spent 20 grand. It’s just sitting in the ether. It’s probably like little [expletive] teenage boys running around with my Bitcoin right now. So that’s why I don’t want to do Bitcoin because I don’t want to [expletive] understand it.

If you could tell me I could put in ‘B-I-T-C-O-I-N’ as symbols, I’d buy it on a stock exchange. But I don’t understand the wallet and the coin. I don’t get it.”

To help him understand Bitcoin, Portnoy says the Winklevoss twins are welcome to come to his office and make a pitch.

“I want both the Winklevosses. I want them in their little rowing outfits. I want them sitting in this chair and be like ‘This is how you do it.'”

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss have both accepted the invitation.

The outspoken Bitcoin critic appears to be softening his stance on the largest cryptocurrency.

“Let’s do it. I want to buy all the Bitcoins.”

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