Best in-game phrase contest

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We hereby invite you to participate in our “Best In-Game Phrase Contest”.

Those who come up with the best in-game phrase, win an official MVG Coffee Mug, both as a physical mug and as an NFT, which will be sent to the address of the winners. And your voice line will be included in-game.
This time it will be voice lines for our four Dwarf classes (read more about them at the bottom of the article).

Rules of the Contest:

The contest begins on Wednesday, August 3, 2022, at 7.30 p.m. (UCT-4) and ends on Wednesday, August 10, 2022, at 7.30 p.m. (UCT-4).

Proposals & Winners: Proposals will be on Twitter, while the voting between them will take place in our Discord. 4 Winners will be chosen — one for each class.

a. Only one comment in reply to the contest tweet per class.

b. You can participate in all four classes, but only win in one.

c. In order for the bid to be valid, you must tag at least two friends in your Twitter comment.

Check out here a sample of our Human Berserker Class Voice Lines:! Glorious Battle!If you were any punier, I could trample you by accidentI would ask you for your hand, but my axe would grow jealous

One phrase for each of our four Dwarf Classes:

The Battle Smith: Heavy armored from top to toe, he is The vanguard of the elite forces. It would be easier to convince a rock to move by itself than to get him to stand aside when facing a charging enemy.The Rune Master: Using the Ancient Magic of the Runes, to create magical effects. The magic of the dwarves is subtle but efficient. He is muscular as a fighter, and only the glowing runes on his body reveal his true nature.The Insane Alchemist: Using exotic mixtures of dangerous chemicals to damage and confuse opponents. However, the prolonged exposure to the fumes has taken its toll on her mind.The Tinkerer: Able to swiftly create and modify mechanical inventions and weaponry on the run. Always have the right equipment for unforeseen situations. Her opponents must be ready for a surprise.

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