BeInCrypto Announced as Media Partner for Benzinga Future of Crypto 2022

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BeInCrypto, one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing crypto news and education platforms, has been announced as a media partner for the Benzinga Future of Crypto Conference, which will take place on December 7, 2022, at Pier Sixty in New York City.

Members of the BeInCrypto management will also be available to hold one-on-one investor meetings throughout the day.

“It’s an honor to count on the presence of a media partner at the level of BeInCrypto at our NYC event,” said Chief Zinger Jason Raznick. “The Benzinga Future of Crypto Conference in NYC will bring more than 1,000 of the top movers and shakers in the crypto space to your backyard. This conference will be the best place to raise money, create partnerships, and expand media visibility for all involved.”

To register and access please follow this link.

Why attend Benzinga’s Future of Crypto Conference

Enjoy exclusive opportunities for curated networking and unparalleled access to private deal flow at an event hosted by Benzinga, a financial news and data company recently acquired at a $300 million valuation. Get priceless insights from the world’s leading crypto investors, all in one place. 

Hear directly from hundreds of industry insiders and dozens of project creators like Kevin O’Leary, Anthony Scaramucci, Greg Solano, and many more!

About BeInCrypto

Founded in 2018, BeInCrypto is a leading cryptocurrency news and education platform specializing in cryptographic technology, privacy, fintech, and the internet, among other related topics. Since its launch, the team has grown significantly to incorporate some of the brightest professionals in technology media from all over the world.

As a globally-focused organization, BeInCrypto reports in 10 languages, which are English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, German, Korean, French, Vietnamese, and Polish. Its mission is to bring readers high-quality, accurate, and up-to-date cryptocurrency news and data. And in so doing, it helps sustain an industry’s growth that could significantly impact the world’s socioeconomic realities.

About Benzinga’s Future of Crypto Conference

Benzinga’s Future of Crypto Conference, renowned for being the premier gathering of crypto entrepreneurs and investors in North America, returns for another edition, recharged with an impressive list of speakers. Check out the full lineup here.        

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