Attila Will Be Listed on Indodax, Marking Its Market Expansion to Asia

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According to the latest official announcement, on July 29, 2020, Attila will be listed on Indodax, the largest and one of the most reputable exchanges in Indonesia.

Attila, Agreement of Telecom Technosphere, is a decentralized information communication protocol based on blockchain technology. By combining blockchain technology, DNS, smart contracts, and an instant messaging protocol, Attila can allow users to conduct cross-platform social actions with the underlying infrastructure of information and communication protocols, which are a new generation of decentralized information communication protocols featuring cross-platform, border-breaking, high-security, and complete privacy.

Before this upcoming listing, Attila already became known for being one of the first start-ups dedicated to providing an autonomous cross-platform communication solution for global social networks. With his ambition and vision, Serhii Burukin, CEO of Attila, has attracted dozens of the world’s top technology developers and senior experts in various fields and industries, forming a strong team to evaluate the results of their research and development showcased by the underlying infrastructure constructed by Attila.

Thanks to Attila and its team, enterprises can explore more solutions to protect users’ data rights and data privacy, as the decentralized information communication protocol developed by Attila allows users to send their own data in the digital virtual world, and the data becomes autonomous, turning the user into the real owner of their own data. This is vital to rebuild the public’s trust in social network data privacy protection. The listing of Attila on Indodax is sure to be an eye-catching event and can be considered as a high recognition of Attila’s vitality and potential.

As for Indodax, it is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in Indonesia and even Southeast Asia, with compliance qualifications, high transaction volume, and a large number of users. Indodax has been providing corresponding services to other cryptocurrency companies since 2016, and the registered members of the platform have covered nearly two million Indonesians, surpassing that of the Indonesian Stock Exchange. Attila’s going public on Indodax will boost its image in the Asian market, marking one big step towards its ambition of becoming the industry leader.

With the development of blockchain technology and a growing population in the social network, the blockchain + social network field is becoming increasingly popular, attracting more entrepreneurs’ participation and public attention. We look forward to the next breakthrough of Attila and the final establishment of its complex and advanced communication infrastructure.

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