Aschraf Mahmud: The Businessman And Entrepreneur, Aims To Take Real Estate To Next Level

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Aschraf Mahmud is pleased to announce his plans on taking Real-Estate to next level. He is a man of many sides; he is an astute entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a leader, a father, a husband, and a core businessman. Mahmud had a good beginning. He was born and grew up in Germany before relocating to Dubai in 2015. He had his early education in Germany and proceeded to study at the prestigious University of Bonn where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. 

The first degree spurred his interest in business and investment. When he arrived in Dubai, Mahmud observed several opportunities in the business and investment space where he could explore to better the lots of Dubai and its inhabitants. Since 2015 till date, he has successfully established different businesses in a wide range of niches, including import and export, real estate, and cryptocurrency. 

Real Estate

Mahmud owns one of the leading real estate firms in Dubai: Aras Group. His company offers a wide range of services, including project development, project management, project financing, and other related real estate services. Aras Group has helped thousands of Dubai residents and brands to legally acquire properties with genuine documents. Even if you don’t have the budget to finance a real estate deal, Aras Group will help you acquire the property and then spread the payment on an installment basis. In addition, the payment will be available with cryptocurrencies in the nearest future.

Import and Export Sector

Aschraf Mahmud also operates an active company in the import and export sector of Dubai. His company imports a wide range of commodities, including coffee, cocoa, and tea. The company also imports fashion stuff like earrings, bracelets, rings, anklets, and several ornaments that can make one look beautiful. 

A Philanthropist Par Excellence

Mahmud is a philanthropist par excellence. He has impacted lives on many fronts. Through his entrepreneurial spirit, Mahmud has helped the less privileged and vulnerable children in different communities. Aside from creating thousands of employment for the locals, he has initiated projects in the agricultural sector geared towards guaranteeing food sufficiency in the metropolis. His agricultural drive has helped boost his company’s demand for cocoa, coffee, tea, and other agricultural products for exports.

Use Of Social Media

Mahmud uses social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote his business interests. He uses these platforms to showcase his skills, knowledge, and services. 

His strive in business makes him the talk of the town in the UAE. 

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