Adidas Launches Its First NFT Warables Collection; Rakes In About $11 Million In Revenue

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Adidas AG, a multinational corporation that produces clothing, shoes, and accessories and is the second-largest manufacturer of sportswear in the world, has announced the launch of “Virtual Gear,” its limited collection of NFTs.

Adidas Originals Launches The First Ever Blockchain-Based Virtual Wearables.

Adidas Originals, the multinational sportwear corporation, has made public the launch of its NFT wearables.

The limited 16-piece collection is exclusive and only available to the holders of the capsule collection. The capsule collection was launched earlier this year, in May, as an airdrop to certain holders of Into The Metaverse (ITM) NFT.

The launch of “Virtual Gear” has been hailed as an opportunity for the German clothing brand to showcase and celebrate its rich and beautiful cultural diversity.

Also, the launch has been viewed as an attempt to build its community base and promote a community first open Metaverse.

The VP of Adidas, Erika Wykes-Sneyd, has expressed immense love for what the launch of the NFT collection means for its holders. According to him, following the launch of the collection, there are two options available to them.

They are the option of burning and expressing their virtual identity with the collection and the option of listing, thereby making it available and giving others the window to join the community as well.

To unveil and see which of the 16 pieces in the collection is theirs, holders of the Capsule NFT collection will have to burn it to get their assigned digital wearable NFTs.

However, the fraction that is not a holder of the capsule NFT collection will be able to get theirs by purchasing through NFT Marketplaces.

Holders Soon To Be Able To Dress Up Their NFTs

One of the perks of holding the wearable NFTs is getting the opportunity to dress your compatible NFT with your Adidas virtual wearable.

With a PFP device that is soon to arrive, holders will be able to play dress up with their NFTs as long as it is compatible.

The launch of this collection, it appears has ushered in a new world for Adidas. According to Nic Galway, the Senior VP of Creative Direction for adidas Originals, it is showcase of the brand’s efforts to explore the numerous opportunities of Web3.

The Senior VP maintained that Adidas will continue to search for new ways to explore the endless possibilities and opportunities available both physically and in the Metaverse.

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